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glass on mission street in san francisco with mr. ken paige. ken paige has generously invited us into his glass shop and gallery. and the paige glass goes back a long, long time, right? to preearthquake, whichever earthquake -- >> all of them. they're all good. >> when did paige glass start? >> the big one, 1906. >> this happened afs in your family, was paige glass back then? >> well, the 1906 was a very important year, of course, for san francisco, needless to say. the bad news was the death and destruction, city in flames. the good news for my grandfather was even though he was living, at that point, in a tent out in golden gate park, you know, one of a whole lot of people. the good news, he was a young glazer, and every window in the city was broken. >> a holy grail of glazing. >> [laughter.] >> so at that point, shortly after the tremors sopped, he said wait a minute, i've got this idea. so paige glass really started in 1906, with that quake. >> wow. >> and he was so busy, he didn't really form an actual company-company, a registered company till 1910. i think that was the fi
in plotting an assassination against the saudi ambassador to the u.s. brooke? >> i want to run down the counts. conspiracy to murder a foreign official, foreign travel and use of interstate and foreign commerce in the murder-for-hire, to engage in foreign travel and use interstate facilities in the commission for murder of hire. commit to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism. eric holder earlier said that they will hold iran accountable. isha? >> let's play for our viewers some of what the attorney general said a short time ago as we leave out details of this alleged plot. let's listen. >> good afternoon. today the department of justice is announcing charges against two people who allegedly attempted to carry out deadly plot that was directed by factions of the iranian government to assassinate a foreign ambassador here in the united states. manssour, a nationalized citizen who holds an iranian passport and was arrested in new york is accused of working with the iranian revolutionary corps to devise a scheme to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the in
arrested in connection with the plot. one of them a u.s. citizen. appeared in a federal courthouse today. let's go out front. i'm erin burnett. out front a major terror plot on u.s. soil foiled. a senior administration official tells me this was international murder for hire. here's what we've been told. two men charged in an alleged plot to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador to the united states. one is a naturalized u.s. citizen in custody and identified as 56-year-old mondaysor ar bab si ar. he appeared in a courthouse this afternoon. he did not enter a plea. according to the complaint that we read, he planned for someone to kill the saudi arabian ambassador at one of his favorite restaurants in washington, d.c. he told an informant that mass casualties didn't matter, saying, "if the hundred go with him, expletive, them." the plot itself is a work of intrigue. it began this spring when he met in mexico with a d.e.a. informant posing as a member of a violent drug cartel. over the next few months, he got the informant to agree to assassinate the ambassador for a fee o$1.5 million.
factors in considering secondary land use? what should be our primary or secondary use? do you want to have food? do you want to have a playground? how do we weigh in and make some judgments on that? and what about properties with no primary utility purpose? do we hang on to them? do we look at them as a future needs, or what? we created some categories underneath each one of these questions, so when you look at keefe factors, its compatibility with utility needs, if there is a primary purpose, is it compatible? you do not want a gas station next to your reservoir. that is not something that would be compatible. the economic impact to the ratepayers. it should not be that the rate payers are subsidizing that use. it should be standing on its other. it should create a liability question for you. it should open it up to some sort of long-term. your priorities, whether or not it is for other things, and finally, is this a permanent use, or does it have an exit strategy? if you need to take this property for utility purpose sometime in the future, i am not talking five years from now, m
about what can and should be done. we are glad you have joined us. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it's the cornerstone we all know. it's not just a street or boulevard, but a place where wal-mart stands together with your community to make every day better. >> nationwide insurance supports tavis smiley. with every question and answer, help tavis improve financial literacy and remove obstacles to economic empowerment one conversation at a time. nationwide is on your side. >> and brought to you by the aarp foundation. >> wk kellogg foundation. improving the lives of a vulnerable children. wkkf.org. >> of the annie e. casey foundation, helping build a better future for america's kids and families. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] tavis: even before the name -- numbers came out, we decided to spend some time getting to know the people behind the pottering -- poverty statistics. cornel west joined us. in tonight's episode, we call this one suffering, we look at what
that bill. white house correspondent dan lothian is traveling with the president and joins us live from pittsburgh. hi, there, dan. is the president preparing for the possibility that his jobs bill may not pass today's test in the senate? >> reporter: it it does appear that he is. in fact, he's meeting with his jobs council and a short minute ago he was asked about this and the president responded, saying, he doesn't know how congress will respond to the overall jobs bill but the expectation is that if in fact they don't pass it, as one entire piece, that it would be broken into parts. they would certainly push for the infrastructure component of that and then pressure would be applied later to get all of those other pieces done. but what the white house really wants is for this whole package to be taken up in one piece because they believe that's the only way to really get the economy going to create the kinds of jobs that the president would like to see. >> and when you look at this package, dan, we're talking $447 billion. one of sticking points is obviously taxing the rich. they do
, and it has carried us to our destination. have you ever wondered how elevators were -- work? we check out the need outside the elevator using current technology and we learn about the latest destination elevated technology all here in san francisco. we will also visit the machinery where all the behind- the-scenes gears control these incredible machines. we are very fortunate today to have an expert with those who is going to walk us are around elevators in san francisco. can you tell us about the history of elevators in san francisco? the measure -- >> sure. the history of elevator technology evolves with the city. first elevators were installed for moving materials in the 1860's. in the 1870's, the first passenger elevator was installed, and that allowed building heights to go up to about seven floors. starting in the 18 eighties, 1890's, the first electric elevators were installed. that allowed for buildings to go up even higher, even more than 10 floors, and those were the first elevators that became representative of what we consider modern elevators today. >> so the height of buildi
to thank you for allowing us to be here to talk about the energy retrofit programs they have been allowing us to do. it was a really simple goal. it was federal stimulus money, and the goal was to do something long term that was good and the other goal was to make sure we spend the money quickly and got jobs we were creating. what is great is we accomplished both. we wanted to celebrate that today. the city already provides about 100% clean natural gas -- not natural gas. back that up. the city provides greenhouse gas free, 100% renewable energy. what is different is we're saying now that we provide that energy, we should always still be conserving, all we still be looking at energy efficiency opportunities, and that is what we're doing. this is one of 10 sites in the city including other cultural centers, health centers, where we took this money and really changed the behavior of what is happening in those buildings. we are here to celebrate that work. we had $3 million of this money from the stimulus funds. we are updating fluorescent let's -- lance and replacing them with modern efficie
in order to prevent irreversible harm to the climate. to help us make that transition there's no shortage of water and sewage pipe lines that need to be fixed or replaced bridges and tunnels in need of emergency repairs and transportation infrastructure that needs to be renewed and developed. there are jobs that can be created in the energy conservation and upgrading the grid maintaining and expanding public transportation. jobs that can help us reduce air pollution coming greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency. it's past time for major new deal type public investments in infrastructure modernization and repair, energy conservation and climate protection as a means of putting people to work and leaving the foundation for a more sustainable economic future for the united states. this is just sound science and sound economics. increasing our reliance on the tar sands would take us in the opposite direction. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. >> my name is danny marshall i member of the student clammed coalition an organic farm worker from southern maryland. wh
define priorities for the arts commission to work with us, there is conversations happening about an oral history project as well as some other projects with a view opera house and others. president vietor: great, glad to hear that. i hope that can continue, because there was a lot of interest in this project. do we have comments or questions from the commissioners on this item? >> ok, thank you. president vietor: we have a resolution before us, i believe. is there a motion? would anyone like to introduce a motion to get this on the table? >> so moved. >> second. president vietor: thank you. now we will take public comment on this item. >> good afternoon. david. i raised concerns about this at the meeting at southeast. i am pleased that there was discussion there and your discussion just now and the staff work that juliet referenced. i think the item before you today is fully vetted and appropriator i am very supportive. i would note from my experience that it is unusual for an entity like the commission, for the puc, to take on an art more in- house, rather than say let's cut a check and
of real estate who helped us in many of our meetings. we made several presentations along the way to check in as we were working on the document. so the court policies and new acquisition policies are one, a focus on areas that are open space deficient to acquire properties that have identified funding for purchase development and maintenance, so properties that have identified funding to fund the purchase, which is the acquisition, fund the development of turning whatever the property is into a park if it is not already park-like, and to pay for maintenance are also priority in a policy. properties that encourage a variety of recreational open space uses are also a priority. i can go into a little more detail in this topic, but briefly, properties that are high needs use basically the following four principles -- that it is in area that has high population. a lot of people live there in a ratio to the amount of open space. places with a high percentage of children and seniors, carriers were households are categorized as low-income. we know that when people have less resources, they often
and bomb embassies on the u.s. soil. iranian agents and coordinating with mexican drug cartels. secret payments from overseas bank and federal sting that breaks it all up. it sounds like a movie script. tonight, the justice depart is accusing the iranian agents of carrying out a scheme to kill saudi ambassador to the u.s. on american soil. the u.s. government is promising there will be consequences. we begin our coverage with national security correspondent jennifer griffin. >> reporter: the alleged plot targeted the ambassador from the united states to saudi arabia. adel al-jubeir. >> it reads like pages of a hollywood vent but the impact would have been real and many lives would have been lost. >> reporter: according to the 21-page complaint filed by the f.b.i. in new york, u.s. citizen from corpus christi texas contacted by his cousin, member of iran revolutionary guard corps to plan the assassination. >> manssor arbabsiar, a naturalized united states citizen holding an iranian passport was arrested last month in new york is accused of working with members of an arm of the iranian r
the use of the lump-sum funds. st. francis yacht club agreed to such usage. department and the yacht club directed a letter of understanding that the club will agree using a lump-sum balance. it also states that the club and city are interested in having seawall repair project agreed to in 2007 performed as soon as possible. the city also confirmed that it falls within the scope of the city's general responsibility as it protects. the city would like to include this as part of the scope of the current harbor renovation project. estimate for the project is a maximum of $550,000, including construction design, engineering, and permitting costs. a final estimate will be submitted for approval of a sea wall repair change order to the city put the contract harbor renovation project. the first source of funding for the sea wall repair project is $1.9 billion construction contingency, which is what we started at. which can be accessed at the available completion of the project. secondary source of funding following the depletion of the contingency fund would be the st. francis yacht club, to pro
, christians and muslims, men, women, old, and young. let us stand against this ugly conspiracy. >> eu foreign ministers expressed concern over the events in cairo. in luxembourg, they called for the protection of all egyptians. >> i think it is important that egyptian authorities and all concerned in egypt reaffirm freedom of worship in egypt, and that all sides step back from the violence. that is what the world looks to them all to do. >> the mood in cairo was fraught. many are concerned violence could flare again at any time. >> in libya, forces backing the transitional government say they have cornered troops loyal to gaddafi in sirte. the town saw heavy fighting on monday, with tanks near the convention center. civilians are trying to flee. the red cross is helping evacuate those from the main hospital, which has been badly hit by the fighting. foreign ministers from all 27 union countries have called for the president of syria to step down. they said the crackdown on protesters may amount to crimes against humanity. also on the eu list -- belarus. there were expanded sanctions against t
members of the victims overcome with emotion. >> it seems there were instructions to use excessive force against protesters. i have never seen armored vehicles speeding to run over protesters as if they were competing for a prize. >> reporter: some political figures in egypt are concerned the fighting might set back the fragile transition from the mubarak regime to civilian rule. >> the situation is critical and there are threats of civil war. we hope we won't reach that point. >> reporter: but there was more violence today egyptians once again the target. the white house released a statement saying, "the united states continues to believe the rights of minorities including coptics must be respected and that all people have the universal right to peaceful protest and religious freedom. even these tragic events should not stand in the way of timely elections and continued transition to democracy that is peaceful, just and inclusive." former u.n. ambassador john bolton says the administration's concerns are missing the point arguing coptic christi
the terrorist threat they focused on. >> absolutely. the information we are receiving into us that say that sources confirm the case started when one of the men, the iranian americans made contact with an under cover dea informant and asked for assistance from a mexican drug cartel to assassinate the am bass tor. this is what sources are telling us at this hour. you can tell us any information you might have on the saudi diplomats, the saudi ambassador to the united states? >> he's a prominent spokesman in saudi government and very well recognized and very well respected in washington, d.c. whether you are part of the government or sympathetic, there is no doubt he was at the jurvethure of a lot of worlds that are critical and for that matter he makes a good target. it's not a secret that the saudi government shares concerns about iranian interest in that region and the saudis and iranians have clashed over a number of different issues including what's going on in bahrain and the struggle between the government protest in bahrain to the sovereignty of particular islands in the persian
to help give us the information and make a decision on. each one of those stars represents when it was before the commission as an individual item. we have also identified this in broader manners. this has been going on since 2003. we would like to make a decision as to whether this is worth pursuing or not. there is a quick summary of the costs. the total costs have been about $2.3 million. half of which was from a grant from the department of water resources. our partners have contributed $183,000. this is roughly equivalent to the amount of dollars that we have contributed. going back into the history, the feasibility study was to identify project objectives, goals, for each agency. we have identified among the agencies 22 potential sites and it goes down to 13th feasible sides and we ended up with three sites to be evaluated. one near the east and the bridge, one on the ocean side of san francisco. the feasibility studies, we identified conveyance options or how we can move water around. this is based on reliability, public this happens, and public acceptance of cost. we hav
here in the region, we've seen a deterioration in the relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia, a chilling effect going on, because the saudis saw the u.s. as supporting the revolutionary movement in egypt and they don't like revolutionary movements going on in this region. >> we will wait and see. thank you very much. >>> thank you very much. we will continue -- wolf blitzer will continue this coverage, very serious story with clearly international implications, "the situation room with wolf blitzer" starts right now. >> brooke, thanks very much. >>> happening now, breaking news. an alleged iranian plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the united states. two men now charged. one is due in court this hour. >>> we're also following reaction this hour from tehran to riyadh to the white house and beyond. our correspondents around the world are standing by. and the united states is vowing to hold inner accountable, but how? we're working all angles of this major breaking news story right now. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." we're also awaiting a state
use policy framework is very important. there may be liability issues, and if we cannot build a trail which has ada access, then what are we getting into, so maybe we do not want new parks? but we do want them, so how do you balance that? they have looked at the criteria. another thing that occurs to me is that the puc, both wastewater enterprise and water enterprise has a lot of property -- it is bifurcated, and there are issues with dpw. dpw also has their corporation yard, not far away, but these are sort of does contiguous properties. -- discontiguous properties. to cluster. as we are looking at rebuilding southeast, i will dig up some correspondence from a few years ago, whether it is merced manner or the various reservoir s at permittees sidewalks can be used more for passive recreation. we can be a better neighbor. this is a good initial discussion. president vietor: thank you. any comments? any comments on this item? >> thank you for your comments. just real quickly because i do not want to overdo it on this item, but we said something about public works. we do not hav
an assassination plot, which the u.s. says was cooked up by elements, quote, inside the iranian government. what that means is a subject of wild speculation at this hour. whatever it was, it was a plan to attempt to kill the saudi ambassador to the united states on u.s. soil, and it includes the planned use of bombs and a foiled murder-for-hire plot that involves an opium deal with a mexican drug cartel. can't make it up, and it is, indeed, both terrifying and perplexing all at the same time. we begin with nbc news justice correspondent, pete williams. pete, we heard the attorney general say this was intended to be an opening act of a broader plot. what, exactly, is the quality of the information that we have that is tying this to whether it's the iranian government, the mexican drug cartels, and all the players that are sort of being whipped around right now. >> reporter: well, just those players that we know of. and it's a very straightforward line, according to the government. they say this whole plot was cooked up in the spring of this year, and the central character is a man named monsieur
, with confidential sources working with the u.s. government. >> the complaint alleges this conspiracy was conceived and was sponsored from iran constitute a flake rapt use of international and u.s. law. >> reporter: reading from the pages of a hollywood script, the impact would have been real and many lives would have been lost. >> al-zabar was arrested on september 29th at jfk airport, new york city, and while the indictment was clear today saying the assassination was rooted in the differences between the irany and saudi government, the attorney general today, though, stopped short of saying that this plot had the direct blessing of the top iranian government officials itself, though. he did sate u.s. will take unspecified action against iran, and late this afternoon, the state department did begin imposing sangs on four individuals involved in financing parts of this plot. >> tom, at this point, have we had any response yet from iran? >> reporter: predictably, shawn, the iranian government dismissed it calling it a child story saying there was no credibility whatsoever. the u.s. was quick in tan
across the u.s., and this week we are going to look at some other perspectives on the issue of lightsquared. now joining us is representative paul broun. he is the chairman of the science-based technology subcommittee on investigations. congressman broun the recently held a hearing around lightsquared. what was that hearing about and what did you learn? >> guest: and we have been trying to get information from lightsquared because the information that we have been able to ascertain does far is that this ground-based broadband network that lightsquared wants to put in place is being fast-tracked through the fcc and this administration is pushing the fcc to approve lightsquared's spectrum which is right adjacent to all the gps spectrum. everything we hear from all experts is that the spectrum if it is ground-based is going to interfere with everybody's gps in their cars. it is going to interfere also with the highly technical gps's that the science community utilizes and the aviation community utilizes an particularly that the military uses so the high percentage of gps probab
-- again, 3/16. this used to be called -- again, the old term was crystal. if you talk to somebody my age, they would say -- because 3/16 was always poured glass and always crystal. they didn't do a twin ground. so it is the same thing as the quarter inch. and you still see it around because they put it in where they're trying to lighten a way. you want to put it in a window so it's not so heavy on a double-hung. it's a good product, but again, you know. you know, it's like window glass, you just have to hit it just a little harder. plate glass, same way. you know, this is what essentially was in i-magnum. this is what's in the mills building. this is what's in the rust building. this is what's in th in the hurt building. there's putty around them. they're going to shift. the wood kind of comes and goes. so it takes quite a bit to break a piece of plate because -- i mean you can -- this will take quite a bit of vertical weight but if it gets bound or whatever, you know, if you just get it in the wrong spot, that's what happens. >> we're seeing some major high rises going up near the bay b
to answer what you made a pitch for the nominee former attorney general to be confirmed. 44 of us have sent a letter, you're very familiar with, to the president's biggest and i think you said to me to spend if i could finish. we haven't heard one word about that, asking for some modifications to this. it's not the nominee. i think the nominee as far as i know is probably well-qualified, very honorable, very smart man. but we are waiting for that dialogue, and i hope we hear from you. but short of that i think the nominee is not going anywhere. but i want an answer to that. go ahead. >> i understand your position and we received that message. you've been very clear about it and you have a pretty powerful show of strength. i would just encourage you to reconsider because i think that -- >> we hope you would reconsider, u.n. the president, changing three modest things in the dodd-frank bill. if you do i'm sure we'll have a good piece of legislation, at least a better peace. and we'll go from there. but short of that i don't believe that we are moving that nomination. >> i'm always optimistic.
, saying, you know, "don't drink, don't use tobacco products." you need to have the prevention to keep... to keep these risk factors either away or down to a minimum with youth. show alternative ways to spend your time, i think that is probably the ideal thing. and prevention is probably a lot easier since you aren't already addicted to anything, then having to quit later and going to rehab. like i always say, i don't want to do that. i want to finish school and go to college. in this club you get to help people and you get to tell people what things not to do, like i have experience with background, like with drugs and stuff, and i don't want to go down that road. i want to go down a different road. so that's why i am in this group. as a community we are after the same goals and knowing that we can work together and we can bring positive change to the community is always very rewarding. dr. greene, going back to screening and brief interventions, are there certain competencies that need to be highlighted while trying to implement that program? definitely. the cultural competency piece
area that own sites have to -- have to have agreements to allow motorola to use the sites and we're working on those agreements right now. second thing, the authority has to adopt a system funding plan and endorse the boom agreement. we're getting to, like i said, getting to the end of the negotiating of that agreement so the authority will have to endorse that agreement and it will go out to for member approval and each has the opportunity to approve or dace prove or recommend changes to the agreement. and finally the goal is to have all of the member agencies sign on and have bay ricks actually execute a final boom agreement by december 6. i failed to mention the gran the -- grant that motorola has, has an aggressive time line. they're stimulus grants so the idea is get the money out there and get people hired and get jobs created sooner rather than later. so we are under a deadline to build the system and that is why we're working very hard to meet these deadlines and to fit the time line so that motorola can begin building the system and get it built within the very narrow ti
wanted everybody to give us input before the october 17th meeting. tell us what you think of it. >> i didn't get a copy of it, i don't think. i didn't see it in my mailbox. president mendoza: can we get them resent? thank you. commissioner yee? vice president yee: i wanted to make an announcement that we had a meeting yesterday, the joint committee, and the reason why i want to make the announcement is because i won't be here to report it at our next meeting. and so but i do want to say that the two items of the three that were on the agenda i heard and i have paperwork. i would recommend actually that for one of our educational discussion pieces that we have our staff and maybe invite city college also to talk about the bridge to success program, because it's really interesting. they have a lot of great data that is worth looking at and the nice thing about it is that there's a real collaboration between the two institutions in using stafford to share the data so if anybody's interested, i have it. president mendoza: thank you for that information. >> the budget and program committee
. it is important for us to have that discussion. with that, that concludes my reports unless there are any questions? >> review of past week event, the board of supervisors, and historic preservation commission. >> good afternoon, commissioners. this week the board of supervisors did take action on a number of planned use items i would like to share with you. the first was an ordinance before the land use committee. this was called acts of god and calamity ordinance. this would revise our control for rebuilding non-conforming uses, and you did consider it on july 14 of this year. you recommended a couple of changes to the ordinance. first, you thought the ordinance as drafted provided too much flexibility, so you wanted to increase flexibility for those that did experience clarity -- calamity, but within certain bounds. you recommended extending the time line and recommended submitting a building permit would start the process moving. you also recommended adding a retroactive date. supervisor cohen made those recommendations, and she also made another recommendation. they had a similar par
for shepard smith. >>trace: thank you, we start with the breaking news. u.s. officials say they have stopped a terror plot far getting a foreign leader right here in the united states. they say factions of the iranian government were behind a plan to assassinate this man, saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states. listen. >> the complaint alleges this was conceived and sponsored and was directed from iran and constitutes a flagrant violation of united states and international law including convention protecting diplomats from being harmed. >>trace: the feds say two people including a member of iran's special operations charged in new york federal court and for context, they have been compared to our seal team and some are asking if president mahmoud ahmadinejad directed the attack. officials now vowing to hold iran accountable. and now the news from the pentagon. jennifer, what do we know of thement? >>reporter: well, trace, we know that there is one man in custody. one of the two, that is charged, and he is from corpus christi, texas, 66 years old, born in iran but he is an american ci
. and here in the u.s., if we stop acting like ds and rs and fighting against each other and start working for the country, it would be better. it's really all about confidence. it's that simple. the economy boils down to it. it will be better than today and the american system works. that will help hiring and hiring means more taxes. there is an amazing statistic we pulled for you. 40% of the deficit will go away. that is because of increasing tax receipts. economic growth, 40% of our deficit, poof. we begin with an on the ground view of when hiring will start. we call it the strike team and told you about it last week. we will tell you about it again. it's a group of 20 ceos, investors and entrepreneurs who report what they see on the ground to us. i pick them because they want to see the economy grow. john chambers is the ceo of dow cisco systems. let's start with the big question out there. it feels like a recession to most of america. the big question is whether we go into a formal double dip. of our strike team, 70% of people said no, a recession is not inevitable right now. what do
.m. the 25-year-old man is behind bars, accused of using a knife to rob another man in broad daylight. police say it took them just 30 minutes to take -- to track down joshua whittington after he approached an apartment building on old stage road in glen burnie are around 9:50 monday morning. police said whittington ran off after taking cash from inside his victim's pockets. officers said they searched the area and found whittington along pamela road just before 10:00 a.m. tonight some hard numbers are beginning to trickle in about the financial impact of last month's grand prix race in baltimore. >> the question is, do they meet the expectations about what the been dead for baltimore? jayne miller is live in the newsroom with some -- about what the event did for baltimore? >> we do have information about how many hotel rooms used for the grand prix weekend. a solid indicator of the events draw for visitors. the new data, compiled by an independent travel research firm, shows the grand prix race was neither a big boon nor bust for the city's hotels, at least in terms of hotel rooms used for l
to do violent things for money. that person turned out to be an under cover u.s. law enforcement agent from the drug enforcement administration and from that point on, this was a sting operation and everything that happened was monitored by law enforcement. two sets of wiring money to a bank account totalling $100,000 and discussing how they might do it and setting a bomb off in a restaurant in washington. all those things were done as the u.s. law enforcement watched interactions with the under cover source. what the two from iran were willing to do was astonishing because they were willing to blow up as many as it took to assassinate the ambassador. >> this is remarkable and what's the thinking behind deploying a mexican drug cartel ? >> simply this was apparently the idea. he said that or at least in discussion with the iranians in iran that they had the idea if you are looking for somebody who will commit crimes that were mercenaries that would do something like this violent for money and the place to go would be members of a drug cartel . one interesting point that is not immediat
thousand u.s. dollars and some chinese currency. the leaders of the north korean army allowed him to keep some of the money he made fishing. he had enough to buy imported south korean and chinese goods. at the market he saw videos from overseas and heard talk about life outside the people's republic. convinced there was no future at home, he decided to seek a better life elsewhere. another man told japanese officials he's a grandson of a former chairman north korean's supreme people's assembly but the man's claim is hard to verify. on thursday, the south korean unification ministry said north korea had demanded the return of all nine defectors. but south korea said it will respect the group's wishes and refused to hand them over. the government will now check their identities and motives for escaping before helping them to resettle in their new home. >>> friday marked the tenth anniversary of the u.s. invasion of afghanistan. the presence of foreign troops was supposed to be an exercise in rebuilding a nation. but after a decade of fighting, the taliban insurgency is regaining momentum an
>> this is "bbc world news america." license to kill, two men linked to iran are rest in the u.s. after allegedly trying to assassinate the saudi ambassador. it is a plot made for the movies, says the fbi. child sacrifice in uganda. little allen was lucky to survive. >> the man that he claims kidnap him for sacrifice lives in this village. members of this community tell us that they continue to take children and sacrifice them. >> tiny slovakia deals a blow to the massive bureau -- eurozone. can they ever find economic harmony? welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also are around the globe. the plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador was conceived and directed from iran according to u.s. officials. they announced they had broken up the alleged scheme and arrested two men with links to the iranian government. they vow to iran would be held accountable. dodge the alleged plot was to kill this man, the long servings saudi ambassador. the head of the fbi said it sounded like fiction, but the plot was all too real. >> individuals from one country sought to conspire with a dru
of venues have signs about being respectful to the neighbors. they will use certain code language, like no loitering. but those signs, in different shapes and colors. they are talking about making sure that every venue had the same language, looking venue. wd idea, it is uniform, people see it. not only in north beachx%gsj maybe city wide. the next is temporary taxis jones in and around clubs on the weekends. it is 2:00 in the morning. it is hard to get a cab. if we could put in temporary tax rezones friday and saturday night, it would be easier for people to find cabs to and from then use. last, more light. i know we talked about cities, areas where there is a lot of venues packed into a few blocks. they will actually bring in temporary light towers. the last thing is organization. as venues, it is really important that you come together, whether it be in cmac, or your smaller organizations, so you can work together, have one voice to work with city government. >> that is a perfect segue. i was in the group with south of market, bayview. we talked a lot about organization, communicatio
valuable for use in future emergencies, and planning integrated water management. the level of cooperation and joint study in this project is without precedent. we look forward to continuing with all the major water agencies in our region on this study. i also wanted to mention -- commissioner torres asked about other agencies that are examples of working together. on the santa cruz project, there is a joint project with the socal creek water district. they are currently working on their eir, but we are looking at that closely to see how they craft their interagency agreements. what was the other agency? -- commissioner torres: what was the other agency? >> socal creek. >> we are a consumer advocacy group engaged with concerns about desalination. there are serious environmental implications for a plant on the san francisco bay. i think as word spreads, there will be more common. our salmon populations have been in serious peril, and this would be in the path of their spawning circles. we need to think about how we are spending in areas of limited budget. that is why we are opposed. desalin
: embassy staffers told us the said ambassador himself was in -- saudi ambassador was in meetings and this afternoon, the saudi government issued a statement thanking the united states from preventing a criminal act. if it had gone uncaught the plot would have followed up attacks at the saudi and israeli embassies. the target was the saudi ambassador to the u.s., adel al- jubeir. on october 29th, manssor arbabsiar, a 56-year-old iranian american was arrested at the jfkant following months of surveillance by u.s. officials. manssor arbabsiar is charged with trying to hire mexican drug cartels to kill the saudi ambassador with c-4 explosives and gun fore for $1.5 million. the plotters also wanted to then launch the attacks on the saudi and israeli embassies here in d.c. the charging documents say that the assassination may have occurred in an unnamed d.c. restaurant frequented by the ambassador and u.s. citizens. and the conspirators dismissed the fact that innocent bystanders could have been killed. >> -by-accused of working with members of the a
in the top tier by this dark-horse candidate, an expression i use only because he's an unexpected challenger, not because he's a horse. [laughter] now, in the latest cbs news poll, the former godfather of pizza, the hardest working man in the business has vaulted to a tie for the first place with mitt romney at 17%. cain has picked up all the voters who don't like romney, used to like perry and can't have christie. republican voters have been reduced to using the same criteria as a 4:00 a.m. barroom pickup. he has a pulse and no visible cold sores. [laughter] and folks, that is a good thing because cain is on everybody's lips. jim? >> herman cain is surging past rick perry. >> he's now tied with mitt romney for the top spot. >> one candidate continues the rise to the top. we're talking about herman cain. >> take herm cain. look at why he's doing so well right now. i guess you can say with all due respect the flavor of the week because herm cain is the one up there who doesn't look like he's part of that permanent political class. herb ca is from a working-class family. >> stephen: yes, herb
. >>> the plot, murder for hire. huge sums of money and links to the iranian government. the u.s. says it stopped a huge international conspiracy. does the story all add up? >>> risky business. more surprising news about prostate cancer. this time it's a popular vitamin supplement that may be doing more harm than good. >>> and the interrogation of michael jackson's doctor. today jurors heard conrad murray's emotional description what he told jackson's children on the day he died. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening he remains one of the biggest names in republican politics. we just watched chris christie carry out a personal yet public deliberation over running for president himself. he said no. and today he made an early endorsement for mitt romney. some republicans as you know, have shown buyers remorse at the thought of a romney nomination. there's still a big gop market out there for a more conservative candidate. and the ranks are shifting tonight, but as you're about to see in our exclusive interview with christie and romney together, to
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